Saturday, May 15, 2010

Moses Botkin Monthly Challenge

This month it was my pick and I decided we should experiment with a limited palette. And I meant limited. I chose the complements of purple and yellow to paint whatever subject we each wanted. We could add white and mix the two colors to make grays, but no black.

It was a fun challenge. It forced me to look at values, something I am struggling with this week! It also made me loosen my brushwork more, as there was less tendency to define everything and separate it based on color changes. While I went loose and undefined though, some of the group really worked the colors to make them as natural looking as they could and achieved some really interesting and surprising results. Be sure to check their blogs for more information on how each one approached the assignment.


Study in Complements
8x10 oil on panel
Paint colors: ultramarine blue/quinacridone red, hansa yellow and white.
© 2010 Robin Cheers

Sliced Plum on a Wood Block
5x5 oil on panel
Paint colors: ultramarine blue/cadmium red, cadmium yellow and white.
© 2010 Jeanne Illenye

Dancer at the Bar
7x5 oil on hardboard
Paint colors: ultramarine blue/thio violet, cadmium yellow medium, white

PY Study
12x9 oil on panel
Paint colors: cobalt violet, cadmium lemon and white.
© 2010 Vicki Ross

20x16 oil on canvas
Paint colors: ultramarine blue/alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow, white
© 2010 Suzanne Berry


Linda Popple said...

Every one of these paintings is awesome! Such a talented group. The idea of using such a limited palette is challenging and a way to get the creative juices flowing. It is so interesting to see how each artist approaches a painting with the limitations stated. Well done!!!

VickiRossArt said...

I fell in love with the juicy brushstroke on the top edge of her leg! I really think we should do more of these specific challenges! said...

Wonderful paintings from very talented artist . Thank you for sharing. We should all work in limited palettes from time to time, it is most certainly a challenge. Lots of fun also.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I'm so glad you came up with this idea for our Challenge this month, Robin! I think it is my favorite one so far, even though I was scared to try it!

sarah meredith said...

What beautiful such a limited palate - it is clearly a really good exercise for any painter, but you all really excelled! Who is your group and how did you all meet?

suzanneberry said...

I love your response to the challenge. vicki's right, your brushstrokes are juice, full and lush and your deft touch with color is spot on. A wonderful challenge, thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone!

Marian Fortunati said...

Amazing what you can do with a limited palette.

Beautiful job, everhyone!!!

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