Friday, June 28, 2013

New Orleans

Summer in New Orleans - whew! I can handle hot, but not this humidity. NOLA is a really neat mix and we have a little something for everyone on this family trip.  We've been in the bayou and visited the aquarium and insectarium and done a lot of walking and sight-seeing. 


V....Vaughan is also in town. Honestly, we planned these trips with no knowledge that the other was coming at the same time!

We should be able to meet up tomorrow after my family and I trek the zoo and the garden district - and I want to visit one of the cemeteries. 

V and I are exploring some ideas about artwork/show collaboration based on our travels. And I wouldn't mind exploring the idea of us teaching a joint workshop here (not in the summer). Between the two of us we'd cover landscapes, city and figurative work in one workshop. It's an idea. I have a lot of those. What I don't have is time and energy. 

It's this heat - and heavy Cajun food. 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Travel Palette

I found this little wooden box and art kit at hobby lobby and thought it would make a nice small travel palette. 
It's about 8x10 and only an inch or so tall. I find that I don't want or need a large  elaborate set up to paint on location. 

I removed the watercolor and plastic palette and brushes that came attached to the box with what i thought was more than enough glue. 

And had to work a little to remove that adhesive. Actually, my oms worked pretty well. 

Then I used some of the sludge from my jars where I let my old oms settle to sort of prime the new palette. 

Voila! A handy palette to carry in a small bag with some walnut oil and a few brushes. I can hold a panel in my hand while I paint. No need for a panel holder and its certainly much more subtle and convenient for working in a coffee shop, for example.

Thanks to V....Vaughan for the inspiration. Her father in law made her some similar palettes which I have long envied. 

Some folks are offering similar designs to hers now too I see. But this was a really affordable solution. $20 for the art kit and maybe I will put those watercolors to use one day too.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

City - Work in Progress

work in progress
I thought I'd share my work in progress here. Three stages of a city scene I worked on Friday night. It is not yet complete but close to it. I had the evening to myself while my daughter was at an evening camp and my husband went to Texas World Speedway to do some racing!

Here he is getting ready for his laps today. The team raced the car for 7 hours both Saturday and Sunday. It was the ChumpCar "Habanero Hoon". Hubster's first such event. What a great team - I got to go and meet them and watch. Much fun - except for the 100° temps.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wading In

8x8 oil on panel
Email me

Did some paint sketches today to play and loosen up a little. I'm working on paintings for a show (more on that later) and feel a little pressure to be perfect - and sometimes that means tight and serious. Sometimes its so good to squint, paint fast, mass in, suggest and leave things unrefined. I highly recommend it in fact.

Saturday is the last day this month that we will offer lessons on sketching at Joel's Coffee House in NW Austin. Do come and join me and V....Vaughan for some practice with painted or pencil sketches. 9 a.m. start, $20 and we can provide supplies and chocolate, coffee and tea!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Blue Belle

8x8 oil on panel
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I was frustrated with this one for awhile. I loved the figure, her shape, the polka dots, and the blue tube she was holding - but it was all so much blue. After some fussing, I scraped off the background and then scraped my palette. The palette knife then had a variety of the subject's colors on it so I scraped it over my painting and really began to like the effect. Its something different. Enjoy!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Shades of Summer

8x8 oil on panel
$375 + s/h
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Ah summer - I had to get to the beach at least in my mind! We will try to hit the Texas coast sometime this summer. But I will miss the Florida gulf beaches a lot. The water there is so beautiful.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Round Robin

Today we met for sketching and painting with a small group at Joel's Coffee shop in north Austin. We each worked on our own things for a bit and then decided to paint birds to help support V....Vaughan's wonderful Birdseed Project

V's mother is in an assisted living facility and V has discovered how much joy birdwatching brings to the residents and guests of such places. She has begun an amazing project to help buy birdseed and feeders to attract the birds to nurture nature and people. I know from sitting in my own backyard how much fun the little birds can be. What a blessing they would be to those who are more or less "homebound."

Please consider making a contribution to the Birdseed Project. Your tax deductible gift provides feeders and seed, and maybe a NEW BIRDSEED PROJECT to a home near you! Click to donate to
Threefold Cord Ministries. Mention Birdseed Project on the ENVELOPE.
Below are paintings my mother and I did today!  I couldn't resist the lovely fat Robin and wanted to try to abstract him a little into the background. My mom hasn't worked in oils in ages, but seemed to get the knack back in a short time with her little sparrow. To make a purchase, and therefore contribute birdseed to V's project, email me!

Round Robin
8x8 oil on panel
artist: Robin Cheers

Spare Sparrow
8x8 oil on panel
artists: Opal Cheers

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Sketching 101

sketch from photo - working out composition and light/shadow patterns

sketch from life with graphite wash

sketch before painting "en plein air"

Whether you are working from life or from photo reference, sketching is a wonderful way to improve your "vision." I find that if I take a little time to work out my composition and value pattern with even the simplest sketch, I am better able to express myself in painting. Its easy to be overwhelmed by all the information before us. We see in 3D, but have to render in 2D. As a scene changes, or when we need to edit, its wonderful to be able to refer to your first impression caught in a sketch and keep yourself on course.

Come and sketch with me and V.... Vaughan at Joel's Coffee House in Austin on Saturdays in June (except the 29th). Bring your supplies, or use ours, we offer instruction, demos and hopefully inspire you too with some delicious coffee and truffles (or hot chocolate in my case.) Cost just $20.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Hours

What to share? What to talk about? Well, I am painting some. Trying to work a little larger mostly. So those take more time. Its nice to live with things a little while too so I can be sure they are right before sending them out. 

We're enjoying our summer vacation. But its not all play - well - with painting it really is (or should be).
I've teamed up with V....Vaughan to lead some sketching workshops on Saturdays in June. If you are nearby do come and join us. We can talk about and teach what YOU like about sketching for painting purposes. Either  making preliminary paint sketches or value studies or mapping out your composition. You can work out many things with sketches before starting on your canvas.

Join us at Joel's Coffee House in Austin. We get amped up on delicious gourmet chocolates, excellent coffees and teas or frozen drinks first and then work for a few hours.
On Saturday, June 15 and June 22 we'll do it again! You can join us with your sketch supplies, or USE OURS! We will each do a short demo. Cost is $20
On its way to Carmel this week is this fun painting featuring a rather stern man painted by Cezanne - "Antoine Dominique Sauveur Aubert, The Artist's Uncle, as a monk" 1866 (from The Met)
18x20 oil on linen

Ask Edward Montgomery Fine Art about this painting.
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