Thursday, December 31, 2009

Year's End

12x9 oil on carton board

Today I painted my contribution for Different Strokes for Different Folks' final challenge - we submitted and then were sent random photo portraits. I waited until the last minute practically, as usual. But enjoyed it thoroughly.
And this is my last painting of 2009. What a year. Its been up and down certainly and I hope for a more stable 2010 for us all. I am excited to start a new body of work next week.
Happy New Year!!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ella sketch

12x9 oil on paper

At Christmas we draw names to exchange gifts among my husband's numerous siblings. Last year I got my sister in law Johannah and I painted a little sketch of her older daughter from some pics I took of our kids playing at Grandma & Grandpa's house.
This year she rigged the draw so I'd get her again. So here is a sketch of her younger daughter. Hope she doesn't look at the blog and see it before Christmas. You can see last year's gift here.

I've not touched a brush or pen to sketch for the whole month. Been very busy with the usual holiday rush - those important things like school parties, our annual gingerbread house making party, friends and family time, etc. I hope you are all doing the same.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Moses Botkin Monthly Challenge

I did not rise to the challenge. Lately, I've struggled to rise from the couch! Not that bad, but I've been up and down emotionally and energetically. I finished my kitchen cabinet makeover. I am suffering allergies or a cold. My daughter has had some 'behavior issues', my husband at the track a lot and I'm struggling to get all the Christmas prep done. My parents arrive on Saturday and I cannot wait! I am blessed to have a wonderful, friendly relationship with them.

My artist friends did rise to the challenge though... and it was something complex. Hot and Cold. Together. I really had a hard time thinking of anything but am glad to share their work.

Warm Cool Colors
10x8 Oil on canvas
(c) 2009 Marie Fox

Waiting for Global Warming
4x6 Oil on hardboard
(c) 2009 Diana Moses Botkin

Winter Rooftops
6x6 Oil on Board
(c) 2009 Michael Naples

Fire and Ice
9.5 x 7.5 oil on board
(c) 2009 Suzanne Berry

Iced Coffee and a Biscuit
8x10 oil on panel
(c) 2009 Vicki Ross

Tuesday, December 08, 2009


20x10 oil on glass

This was an experiment I did a week ago. While I am online here (updating my pet project Austin Art Openings) I thought I'd show you all this. I am sticking to my plans though and all my focus lately has been on Christmas and home projects. Who knew I had so much to do - art is an escape as well as a demanding boss.

What to do with a painting on glass? Its just a thin piece I had laying around and was too small for a palette. It was an interesting surface. Every brush stroke shows. Pretty cool. But fragile.

I plan to do this same scene as a very large painting (on canvas) soon. I still seem to be drawn to these very stark, simple scenes.

Friday, December 04, 2009


Well I've finally decided to stop fighting the "block" and just turn my attention to other things. I've struggled for two weeks trying everything I could. I painted in my car, and wiped two starts. I met the plein air group (on the coldest day!) and failed to even be able to get excited about the farmers, the good light, the chickens, etc. I've worked in the studio and not finished anything I've started and I've sat in several coffee shops and been uninspired. Its time to stop. It can't be forced and I need to relax.
So, I am going to turn my attention to Christmas. The line "Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas. May your heart be light." struck a chord this morning. My heart has been heavy and my head too full of myself. I'm getting the house in order, I took 20 pounds of magazines and papers out to the big blue bin, I need to go through my daughter's toys and clothes and get them donated. This post from Jennifer King really hit home too. She wrote on Wed. about getting rid of those useless things that have cluttered your life. I felt so good yesterday after I moved furniture and purged some clutter. Now I can start with a clean mind, spirit and house after the holidays.
I am sure I will post here and there. And update Facebook. But I will now wish you all a blessed Hanukkah and Christmas season. May your hearts be light and from now on your troubles out of sight.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Paint Blog

My thanks to Eric Cator at Paintblog for featuring my artwork on his site. Paintblog brings the galleries to your desktop by featuring the work of talented and interesting contemporary painters that you should know. I am amazed at being included... lately, my work has been bonfire material.
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