Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all a lovely holiday celebrating all the things we have to be thankful for. For me personally; my husband's return to health, my wonderful daughter, fabulous family & friends, a good dog, a great job, lovely weather and the backyard to enjoy it in our great country.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Out of the Shadows

7x5 oil on panel
$100 + s/h
And once again, we have Sherbet. Let's see if I can paint anything else next week.

Artistic Drought

What an enjoyable lunch I had yesterday. I met with 4 other artist friends and we talked about life, art, business and family. I am so blessed to have such a great group of people who share something in common with me. My family can't quite understand or know what art is and how joyful it can be, and how low it can bring you. I am at a low right now. I can't paint. I'm sitting here going through my photos, through sketchbooks, watching the rain fall outside, and nothing is sparking my imagination. Its frustrating, to say the least. I know I need to relax. I know I need to push through some of the starts I have sitting around.
On the other hand, I can't force it. Its been an incredible year for me. New representation across the country, selling work internationally, shows, awards, travel, and a large body of work. I have some 60 paintings out at galleries right now. There was a time when doing half that many in a year was inconceivable. I owe my growth, in part, to this "daily painting concept" that was born out of Duane Keiser's genius. I still boggle at the explosion of art and artists who are directly reaching their audience through the internet now. Which has created an even larger community for me to share with and learn from.
Yesterday's spot was nice and comfortable, but lacked patrons and good lighting... so I think I will take myself off to... Starbucks! Maybe there I will at least feel less daunted by my empty easel and palette sitting there gaping at me. I will post another cat painting I did yesterday next. (above)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Le Chat Orange

6x6 oil on panel
$100 + s/h - sold

I was told this guy's full name is 'Orange Sherbet Kittie Moss' and he is a very fun resident of the Mud Creek Pottery studio in Calvert. He was highly disappointed when the little laser light was put away and the painting lessons began.

You might remember a painting I did of him a few weeks ago. I have been having trouble "seeing" lately and not been able to finish anything - I can't bring my paintings "out of the dark" (blank?), so I revisited this subject to try to loosen up and remember how I work!

Today, I am going to meet some artist friends at a coffee house (no not Starbucks this time!) to hang out and chat. I will be sketching, naturally, but I look forward to just catching up and sharing ideas. Those attending... shall I be a name dropper? You probably ought to check them all out, they do some fabulous work. Laurel Daniel, V Vaughan, Kate Merriman, Terri Wells, and maybe others. I get to hang with some pretty inspiring ladies. Austin - live music capitol of the world, and visual arts hub. As further evidenced by the E.A.S.T. (East Austin Studio Tour) going on this week. Ok, I have given you enough to play with and explore today. My work here is done. Now, to the easel!

Monday, November 16, 2009


7x5 oil on panel
$100 + s/h - sold

I tried a couple of different things today and wiped them off. I think I was starting with something too ambitious after having been on hiatus. And while having limited time to work. My schedule couldn't be more full this week. I needed to pull back and just do something simple and allow myself to see and paint loosely. As a note, I often work from photos, but I squint quite a bit when looking at them and when looking at my painting. I'm going to be very wrinkly when I get old I think. There must be a better way!

Disregard my gloved thumb in the lower section of the painting. Its late and I'm too lazy to edit it out.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moses Botkin Monthly Challenge

This month's challenge subject was
the view out our studio window. Very interesting. Mine turned out to be a watercolor sketch. I tried it in oils, but was really unhappy with my efforts. Those rocks are hard to paint and it was an overcast day.

If you look in the middle back behind my fence is a deer. He really did walk by there. Several did. We are blessed to have this 'green belt' area behind our house so we have a lot of privacy though we are buried in suburbia. We have a lot of wildlife too. Armadillos, skunks, opposums, deer, foxes, roadrunners, tarantulas, scorpions.... along with the traditional birds and squirrels.

Green Belt
8x8 watercolor sketch
(c) 2009 Robin Cheers

Studio View
8x8.5 oil on canvas

(c) 2009 Silvina Day

Studio View
24x18 oil on canvas
(c) 2009 Marie Fox

View from my Studio
8x10 oil on panel
(c) 2009 Vicki Ross

Outside My Studio
16x20 oil on canvas
(c) 2009 Suzanne Berry

The View
4x6 oil on hardboard
(c) 2009 Diana Moses Botkin

Electric Highway
8x8 oil on board
(c) 2009 Michael Naples

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


6x8 oil on panel

Ask Loretta Goodwin Gallery about this painting.

This beauty was cruising along Central Park South. I'm reminded of something poetic about horses I read ages ago... "Thou has clothed his neck with thunder..." But I can't for the life of me recall it all or find it. I thought it was something in the bible, but I haven't ever found the reference. Anyway - this horse in particular has an impressively massive, strong neck.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Starbucks Sketches

End of last week I needed to just be out there, observing. I sat in Starbucks friday afternoon for 2 hours covertly sketching my fellow Buckians. There is something very comforting about the chain, though I suppose some see it as the McDonalds of coffee houses. At any rate, I like their hot cocoa and there are always lots of people to sketch.
I am getting some ideas together for a mural. Yes, I am going to try a large wall mural for my friend's chocolate and confections shop she is opening in Houston. It will be the largest work I've done.

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Standing Room Only

8x10 oil on panel

These two were tied outside at the Bertram rodeo last spring. They were shifting about, swishing tails, impatiently waiting to get to do their stuff. Most of what I watched was team cutting (calves from a herd.) It was pretty fun to watch. It seemed like a great family event - small and local. I'll have to keep my ears open for another event to go to.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Hot Spot

9x12 oil on panel

Two cowboys visiting during a rodeo in Bertram, Texas. Spent most of my day today working on my kitchen cabinets. That job rather stalled for awhile. I need to get it finished. So, while my "painter's block" continues....guess I will be productive elsewhere.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Taking a Look Around - Horse

12x12 oil on panel

Available at Loretta Goodwin Gallery for their Holiday Open House on November 19th.

I've been too lazy to post lately though I've been painting every day. I'm sending this beauty (the horse, not necessarily the painting) to Loretta Goodwin along with some other horse, cowboy and city scenes. I am exploring a variety of subjects lately. I think that is important for artists... not just to challenge one's self but to avoid being pigeon-holed into only one style or subject. I don't ever want to have to paint only a certain thing. I think with exploration comes growth. I guess I'd get bored doing the same things over and over.
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