Monday, April 29, 2013

Sunny Stroll - Revised

20x16 oil on linen

Ask Tidewater Gallery about this painting.

I just shipped this painting to Tidewater Gallery in Swansboro, NC. It was painted in 2010 and had been in my gallery in Carmel for awhile. Once back here in my studio, there were certain things bugging me about it and needing fixed. So I revised it. * Gasp*  It was the first time I dared to (or bothered to) change an older work. Mostly I think its better to just paint a new one. But this was a good composition and the figures were well done and interesting... the other stuff just needed some tweaks.

I didn't like the foreground mostly and wanted to vary the rather strident orange tones. But then my changes escalated and I moved all around the figures making adjustments! Can you see all the changes? I've highlighted the big ones below and you can compare the two images. Then there were little changes like making her nose a little smaller, bluing up the sky and punching up the highlights on her shirt and his shorts to really make them pop. Its ok to use pure white paint! But, it can be cool, so add just the slightest touch of cad yellow or surround white with yellow (or another warm) to make it stand out as a "hot spot".

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