Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lady Waiting

8x6 oil on panel
$225 - including shipping

This lady was outside the Met on my last visit to the city. It was dusk, we'd had a little rain shower, and she looked so very European sitting there. I'm planning to visit NYC again this coming year. Either in May or June. There is a Weekend with the Masters being planned for June and it sounds fantastic.

But first, I have to get myself in order for this week leading up to Christmas! My parents arrive in less than an hour and I'm so excited! But I still haven't sent cards, haven't done any baking, haven't gotten my shopping done, etc. etc. And its near 80 in Austin today. That puts a damper on things! Nothing like sweating while you're baking Christmas cookies and trucking in and out of stores blasting Christmas tunes while in shorts and flips flops. I don't think I will ever get used to this aspect of living in Texas.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Sanctuary - Mission San Jose

14x11 oil on panel

Ask Tidewater Gallery about this painting.

I don't do many interiors, but I like them a lot. Maybe its just that I don't like empty spaces. This is Mission San Jose in San Antonio. Its the first stop on the mission trail, if you are going to start from the visitor's center! What I love about these missions is that most are active parish churches still and people attend services there just as in old days. They are still loved and used and amazing spaces.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moses Botkin Monthly Challenge

This month Suzanne chose our challenge and really stumped me. We were to paint our favorite cliche', saying or game. I wasn't thinking very creatively. Why is it that when I have to think of a favorite saying, I am totally blank? But I have no doubt I throw out all kinds of things all day with my daughter - "do you think money grows on trees?" "were you raised in a barn?"
Suzanne had some good suggestions too which I wish I had pursued.
Ah well - I played with "You can lead a horse to water." And my painting is a scene from Florida of a wild horse on Cumberland Island. The horses graze on the grasses in the water even though its very salty. And so I assume they don't drink there. Their story is quite interesting. Enjoy the work this month.

You Can Lead A Horse to Water...
10x8 oil on panel
©2010 Robin Cheers

Why Not Queen Me?
6x6 oil on masonite
©2010 Sharman Owings

Good, Bad and Indifferent
10x30 oil on canvas
©2010 Suzanne Berry

Double Mint Twins at the Paris Metro
16x12 oil on panel
©2010 Vicki Ross

No Time Like the Present
6x8 oil on hardboard
©2010 Diana Moses Botkin

Friday, December 10, 2010

Putting the Shine On

12x8 oil on linen

Gallery info to come.

My week was rather uninspiring so I thought I'd share this from last week's work. I think I put it on Facebook one day to show "whats on my easel" but didn't share the final image.
This week was full to the point of frustration! My hubby was out of town all week - just got home at midnight last night and left to go auto racing this weekend. I volunteered at school most of Monday, we had a short school day Wed. We had our weekly DI team meeting and I had lots of paperwork/registrations to do for that. Fill in the rest with doctor appts., hair appts., errands and chores and the time I did have to paint was dedicated to commissions or searching for the right image to spark my interest. Lets hope for a restful weekend and more time at my easel next week!

Friday, December 03, 2010

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Something from the Bar

12x12 oil on panel

Available next week at Russell Collection.

Bouncing back to the darker colors and playing with interior lighting. Bars are fun because of all the spotlights, reflections, and varying neon lights creating ambiance. This is the back bar of the Cypress Creek Cafe where we had a fun dinner during our workshop in Wimberley.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Final Touches

12x8 oil on panel

Available at Castle Gallery.

This is something new for me, this lighter palette. I'm trying to lighten up a bit, use more neutrals to emphasize light and color. I think for a long time, in order to suggest or have areas that were empty, I would use dark washes. Its easier to pretend something is in shadow, and obscured if you just lose it in blacks and browns. But I think neutrals actually enhance colors and light better. And add more punch to darks as well.

You can probably guess my inspiration for this. The models were actually posing for some photos for us at Kim English's workshop. We didn't paint inside, but had them pose in our hostesses beautiful home. I wonder if Kim will paint this scene? And how his will compare. At any rate, I am really pleased.
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