Sunday, December 29, 2013

Palette Ponderings

V....Vaughan took this photo at Joel's and sent it to me. I can't quite remember why it intrigued her but I think it was the palette arrangement sort of reflecting the painting image. I have mixed - quite unconsciously - my colors as they appear in the painting. The darkest darks were the first down (alizarin and pthalo). I used that to sketch my figures as well as paint the darks. Then I mixed the fuscia shirt color, the green shadow color is below just as it is in the painting and the flesh tones and background light to the side. 

I don't know if I do that other times. Maybe I do since it was quite unplanned. I think when I have a larger space I start mixing my darks (cool colors) on the left and work lighter (warm colors) to the right. That is how my palette is set up as well. 

Note: you don't need fancy equipment and the perfect setting to work! Lately I've been sitting on my family room floor painting while "watching" the tv and hanging with my family. 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Horse and Groom - Greeting Card

5x7 water soluble graphite on watercolor paper
greeting card
$30 + $5 sh

And so Christmas is around the corner. I wish all my friends the happiest of tidings at this blessed season.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Runabout - Greeting Card

7x5 water soluble graphite on watercolor paper
greeting card
$30 + $5 sh

Happy Winter Solstice. The days will be getting longer now. More light to paint by!

Friday, December 20, 2013

The Times - Greeting Card

7x5 water soluble graphite on watercolor paper
greeting card
$30 + $5 sh

One of my favorite things to do - sketch people in coffee shops. Its interesting to note that its primarily men who read the newspapers.


There is still time to buy a piece of original art for a gift that lasts lifetimes.
See my ETSY store for large and small works.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Window Seat - Greeting Card

7x5 water soluble graphite on watercolor paper
greeting card
$30 + $5 sh

Barely have had time to paint, but am doing so in fits and spurts. The season is upon us, and I am finishing last gift shopping, wrapping and shipping and beginning baking. Lots of little parties for the kids and family. Its all holly jolly!
We've snapped out of our arctic blast here and are enjoying some lovely "winter" weather - 70 and sunny. :-)

Today are the class parties and in the afternoon the Girl Scouts are going caroling at a nursing home nearby. I hope that all my cyber friends out there are having as pleasant a time - remembering the reason for the season. I myself have been a little too stressed and am trying to take deep breaths. So much to do... best to remember WHY we do it.


Check my ETSY store for more available art. I've shipped to Italy and Australia recently. So amazed at the reach my artwork can have. So very blessed too.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Early Hours

12x9 oil on panel

Available at Castle Gallery

I did this sketch as an idea for a commissioned painting and decided to go ahead and send it to the gallery for their holiday opening. It looks rather festive! The setting is an Indiana restaurant "Joseph Decuis".

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Is Paco In There?

12x9 oil on panel

Available at Castle Gallery

Reframed, signed, varnished and sent to Castle for their Holiday Show opening Dec. 14.
More about the painting here.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

No Waiting

 16x16 oil on panel

Available at Castle Gallery

This is an interior view of a Kerrville restaurant "Franciscos" that I like a lot. I painted the sidewalk in front of this restaurant during the Kerrville Outdoor Painter's event in Oct. and that painting won the Quick Draw event. I'll share a better photo of it tomorrow since its also available at the holiday show at Castle Gallery Dec. 14th.

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Monday, December 09, 2013

Kitchen Konfab

14x18 oil on panel

Available at Castle Gallery

Castle Gallery will be hosting their annual Holiday Show Saturday, December 14, 6-10pm. From what I hear its always a fun party with great art, yummy food and live music!

This is a recent painting featuring the kitchen of a local Austin restaurant Roaring Fork (great name). I took some liberties with the chef hats - the togues are such fun.

Friday night I was in Marietta at dk Gallery and had a lovely time meeting Donna and her husband, the gallery staff, several of my collectors and some wonderful artists. The gallery is really a unique blend with some really exciting art. Wonderful to meet you all Susan, Holly, Elizabeth, and Jodie!

I am in love with "May-retta" too - lots and lots of painting ideas now!

Friday, December 06, 2013

Jeannie Seated Serendipitously

12x9 oil on paper - work in progress

Tuesday I was finally getting to work - having moved my things into my living room downstairs where it was so sunny and bright - when V called. She was nearby and wanted to see if I could meet at Starbucks. Then her sister called her and we agreed I should focus on my work and she'd visit her sister. THEN she called back and said her sister would like to pose for us if I'd like. Well, of course I liked that!

She sat in my sunny window and we all visited while we sketched.
I am definitely going to finish this up. It's a nice start.

I am in Atlanta - Marietta specifically - come visit with me at dk Gallery tonight 6-9 pm!

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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Chartres St. Sunset

6x6 oil on panel - sold
$100 + s/h

Revisiting New Orleans in my mind.

Upcoming Events:
  • December 6: Small Gems show dk Gallery, Marietta, GA
  • December 14: Annual Holiday Show, Castle Gallery, Fort Wayne, IN

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Carrie's Family

12x9 oil on panel - sold

This is a commissioned piece for a very dear "old" friend. The kiddos are her niece and nephew and I hope I am not spoiling any surprises by sharing this here now. Carrie came to visit me at our Chocolate and Chiaroscuro event. I hadn't seen her in quite a long time. We reminisced about "coming a long way, baby" since our first meeting in Austin as volunteers for Habitat for Humanity. 

I used to have an annual party and forced all our friends (think construction types) to put on suits and nice dresses to come to my little apartment for a Christmas Ball. We had no other reason to dress up so I made my own fancy dress party! Ah, good times. 

Incidentally, I met my husband on the construction site. I saw him walking with a heavy box of nails on his shoulder... he had a good swagger (that we still laugh at today!) He came to my Christmas party that year... cleaned up very nicely. We were engaged the next Christmas and married in April ('00). Ah, even better times.

Carrie sent me this photo to work from. It was a neat composition - right up my alley. ha ha! 

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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

On A Wintry Day - Cafe Scene

6x6 oil on panel - sold
$100 + s/h

Aside from a few commissions this week, I am painting some small works that are perfect for gift giving. I've been debating ways to sell - there are so many options from ETSY to the daily painter's websites/auctions, to a store on my own website. For now, ETSY seems the best bet since there is a whole community or artisans drawing people to the site.

Later in the week, I am heading to Georgia for the opening at dk Gallery Friday night. I am really looking forward to this little excursion. I always enjoy exploring and it will be very nice to meet some of my new collectors. If you live in the Atlanta area, come by on Friday night 6-9 pm. 

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