Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Thrill of the Grill

14x18 oil on linen

I often see stories about conservators using xrays and other technology to see what is under a masterpiece painting, and to learn about the artist's methods. I wonder if that will ever happen to my work? This canvas started as a cafe scene that just didn't make it. At some point, I used some of my palette scrapings to smear over that and lay down a nice grayish ground to paint this on. Its actually rather satisfying to use that palette mud to smear over a failed painting. It also creates a really nice, smooth, oil primed surface for a new painting.

This is still the same kitchen that has appeared in the other paintings. I got a lot of mileage out of dinner at Roaring Fork in Austin. Might be time to go back now. Valentine's day?

Thursday, January 26, 2012


12x12 oil on panel

Having a lot of fun playing in the kitchen this week. Its a great opportunity to suggest and stay loose.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Beach Girl

8x10 oil on paper
$125 incl. shipping

Even with 30 minutes on the timer, I think I put too much info in the water and waves. I think had it been more graphic or solid in color it would have made the figure stand out more and been less busy.

Also - she appears very, very red (rock lobster) on my computer, but she isn't so in the painting. Can't make the red less intense.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


10x8 oil on paper
$125 including shipping

I'm back to painting. Thank heavens the bookkeeping is done. Yesterday I actually felt tired halfway through a second painting. It was more than I'd done in awhile and while painting is wonderfully meditative and relaxing, it also requires concentration. And when the back aches and my arm feels heavy, my focus flags.

To combat that, its back to the quick sketches. Loosens me up both mentally and physically.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Studio Notes

I'm still here!
January always means bookkeeping, inventory, paying taxes, and cleaning up! All those ugly behind-the-scenes things we don't like to think about.
This place was a wreck. I about have the studio back in order and I've finished taxes and a lot of my bookkeeping. That was kinda of depressing too. But after feeling low for a day or two about sales last year, I reminded myself that I cannot help the economy and it wasn't for lack of trying. I had a good year where my art was seen in quite a few juried shows, I attended openings for two group shows here in Texas, I had good press coverage and created some really nice art. SO! Its time to pick up the brushes again and move on.

Speaking of moving on, I am not going to participate in the Moses Botkin Monthly Challenge this year. I was part of Diana's group for about 3 years and really enjoyed it. There are a number of good websites and groups offering challenges so if I feel the need to push myself I can look into those. If you are interested in seeing some of those, I made a list on the "Creative Block." There are yet more, and I think I will create a sidebar actually of those for reference. Putting that on my "to do" list now. :-)

Notice the top of the blog - there are links to my galleries which show the current inventory and I added a FAQs page and a bio. A website overhaul is on the to do list too, but honestly, the blog is really covering all the bases.

Be back soon with some art to share!

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

New Year, New Projects

Happiest New Year wishes to you all! I am very much looking forward to the new year and new projects. I love this time of year actually. Its also my birthday today, so I start the new year with all kinds of new hope and determination and good feelings! I'm making plans for the year, coming up with new ideas, and setting goals. Some of those I will share here, naturally!

To start, I want to introduce a project idea that I began just before the holidays hit. I'm working on a series called "First Impressions." I hope to show the paintings as a group sometime this year.

Founder's Room
10x12 oil on panel

Having learned that I waste a lot of time looking for the best images or subject to work with, and getting overwhelmed sometimes, I've determined to stop shopping around and respond to my first impression. Usually what catches my eye is light and shadow, but sometimes just the way something seems framed naturally, happening upon a scene as I pass a doorway, things like that. Sort of like with fire, I need to "stop, drop and paint" (or sketch).

Tea For Three
10x12 oil on panel

I paint more instinctively, I think, when I paint rapidly. So I am relying on my trusty timer, and allowing that first half hour to be the pure energy of inspiration. What follows might be some focus on the main area of interest and some cleaning up, but for the most part, I want to leave these paintings loose and undefined. So its an exercise in freedom and restraint! All of the paintings are to be 10x12 and I have a lovely batch of Ampersand gessobord ready and waiting!

I feel more focused than I have in awhile. Last year, to be honest, didn't feel like the best year for me creatively. I hope that trusting my instincts and following my muse will allow me to
enjoy the process and create more beautiful work than ever. Cheers!!
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