Tuesday, March 24, 2009


12x9 oil on panel

This hip young lady is looking at a Picasso painting called "Bathers in a Forest" at the MOMA. The bathers are kinked and angled and the girl's stance seemed to echo that as she stepped in close to examine his work.

I thought I'd show a close up of some of my brushwork on this one. You can click below for an enlarged version. Today felt really good - once I got started. (late)
Purchase info will follow next week.

Kinky - detail

Monday, March 23, 2009


marker sketch on 8 1/2 x 11 paper

I'm trying to get back into action today. I painted two small paintings today. Both have been wiped off. Just as they deserved. So I ended up with time just to sketch. I think this is actually good. Its been maybe 3 weeks since I've painted so trying to jump right in is crazy. I knew I'd fail to be happy with my results. The sketching reminds me of how I like to work - the gestural qualities I like to get in paint. It also makes me focus on the values and a sound composition (editing).

This reminds me too that I heard a story on the radio (npr) the other day about people who "doodle". That is me to a tee. I can't seem to be sitting without doodling. My daughter gets upset with me when I absent mindedly grab her crayons and start on her menus at restaurants. Have I written that before?
Oh well, the gist of the radio story was that people who doodled while taking notes, listening, etc. actually retained more information than those who just sat and presumably focused on the teacher, or information being presented. So, take note, if you have students or people who are doodling away while you talk, it does not mean they are not listening.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Facebook Fans and Friends

I recently joined Facebook in order to catch up with old friends and connect with family, but I've had inquiries to join up with art collectors and patrons as well, so I decided to create a "page" that will pull my blog posts into Facebook.
Its just another way to keep people posted of happenings and new work. If you are a Facebook user, visit the page and become a "fan."

Next week I should be back at the easel. Its time to get back to work!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Monthly Challenge Group

a page from my sketchbook

What a fun idea. Definitely a challenge. And I had ideas... but ran out of time. So my contribution is a sketch of a farmer's market in the West Village. There on the table, see the eggplants! Really!
Ok - I did this tonight. Late. Yes, I sketched from a photo. And it was very fun and so relaxing.
But let us see everyone else's wonderful interpretations!

It's Just A Big Ole Eggplant - 14x10
(c)2009 Dianne Mize

Eggplants - 8x10 oil/canvas
(c)2009 Silvina Day

Eggplant - 6x6 Oil on Board
(c)2009 Mike Naples

Eggplant? -11x14 oil on gessoed panel
©2009 Vicki Ross

Huddled Eggplants - 11x14 oil on canvas
(c)2009 Marie Fox

Attack on the Eggplant - Oil 6x8

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mademoiselle et Messieurs

8x12 oil on panel

This man was viewing French impressionist portraits in the National Gallery of Art in Washington. I could spend 20 mins. online looking for the exact paintings, but do not have that much time. I can just say that I am really pleased with this little painting. I did it two weeks ago now maybe, and today I wish I could paint like this again! Its nice to have some of your own work to look to for inspiration though.
I still haven't been able to get back to my routine. And I wish there was some way to shake of the stresses, the aches and pains, the dullness, and just create. But, I have to leave soon and apparently need perfect alignment of my world in order to work. I tend to obsess and stress - like my father. When I have something I need to plan or figure out, I can't stop thinking about it. At the moment I have about 10 things I am obsessing about. I won't bore you with my problems however, and will get to the good stuff.

One to do item is to ship this painting to join the others I sent earlier this week to another new gallery! I was recently contacted by the beautiful Polonaise Art Gallery in Woodstock, Vermont and asked to join their fine group of artists. Having many collectors in the north east, I hope that my work will be well received there. I'm very excited about my artistic growth (despite the set backs) and expanding representation. And... its raining in Austin! This is a very good thing.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Life Interferes with Art

I've heard of life imitating art, or is it that art imitates life? Whichever, but for me, life's been interrupting my art.

I have not been able to get to the easel (both literally and figuratively) in the past week or so for all the shipping boxes and framing supplies. I've been hard at it getting lots of new paintings to my galleries. Besides that, family, school, health, etc. just keep needing my attention. I find it very difficult to cleanse my mind and settle into painting.
Next week is spring break in central Texas too and I doubt I will get a chance to work then.

Below is something I did a week or so ago. It was a little departure from my usual painting style and done in muted tones over washes of burnt sienna. He looks dwarfed by the stacks, but I measured and the stacks really were that tall.

10x8 oil on panel

I will have purchase info on this tomorrow. I'm saving that info for another post.

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Take Out

18x18 oil on linen

The couple walking on this sidewalk in New York is pretty subtle, but I think there is just enough suggestion of them against the lights behind them to create a nice focal point. I am really pleased with this work. Its loose and much is suggested rather than defined.

Unfortunately, life has intervened and I have not been able to get painting this week! I hate that.... a great day followed by complete interruption of the creative process is jarring. Tomorrow. I hope to work tomorrow.
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