Wednesday, February 27, 2008

West Side Shadows

12x8 oil on panel

Ask Castle Gallery about this painting.

I am still working. I just can't seem to finish anything. And I can't seem to find inspiration for smaller things. I suppose I have to get the larger scenes out of my system!
This is a scene from NYC - the West Village one sunny morning. I eliminated any background really and focused on the light and shadow. I am now working on a larger scene of this same corner. Hopefully I can finish it this week. :-)


Painting Texas - Today said...

I get so excited to see what you are doing. You are truely on your way to the Artist world recognition you deserve. It is obvious to me that you are applying yourself in all the best ways for you and your style. I have been having a lot of fun taking orders and painting small pet portraits. I'm enjoying the variety of people and pets greatly. I enjoy seeing each of your paintings! Kathleen McElwaine

Melody said...

Gorgeous Robin...I can almost feel that sun on my face

Cecelia said...

I know just how you feel about those larger paintings. I have had a stack of small canvases sitting by my work table for over 2 years and I just cannot make myself do anything with them. I've been working on small watercolors and drawings, trying to get a feel for small paintings. I want to paint, but I feel like I am going to explode if I don't do something big. I feel so restricted, and never satisfied with anything small. I could easily fill a wall!
I think that we have to let that energy out, and get really tired, before we can satisfactorily do something smaller. I'm more of an expressionist, I guess, and, while I sincerely admire realism, and study and work toward it, that is not what comes out, most of the time. My university professors told me to quit fighting it and use it.
It's really hard to create to fit someone else's specifications-to me. It seldom works.
Good luck and work with that urge!

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