Friday, May 23, 2014

My Cup of Tea

 24x24 oil on linen

One of the recent deliveries to Russell Collection and framed in a nice contemporary gold frame. Its a nice transition between gold impressionist style and sleek and modern.

Its pretty cool to have my art represented at Russell Collection where they have a broad range of styles of art available, but also some of the old master's works. Its like a museum and next month they have a show featuring Pissarro and 5 of his descendants' work.
Pretty cool. If you are in Austin you should definitely visit the gallery. What a legacy.

Maybe some of that magic will rub off on me.

(note: I'm updating this blog still sometimes because I have no idea if people follow it still, how they follow, or if they are moving to the new website/blog or follow on something like Bloglovin'. Technology!)


Studio at the Farm said...

I think some of the magic has already rubbed off on you, or you already had it. Beautiful painting, Robin - love the perspective!

Elizabeth Merchant said...

My Cup of Tea ... a thoughtful study ... full of mystery and contemplation in a muted palette ... that grabs the viewer and takes them to another place. Kudos. Have bookmarked your site.

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