Friday, December 19, 2008

Helen and Mary Kate

6x8 oil on panel

Two paintings for a friend. Years ago I had painted a small beach scene with my friend's daughter, then her only one! And for the last few years, her younger daughters have wanted to be immortalized too. My work has improved, is all I can say. And here are her two youngest (finally) just in time for Christmas. If she reads this blog, I am undone!


I Want To Be An Artist said...

Beautiful paintings. The blues are soooo beautiful!

Janice said...

As artists, we are much harder on ourselves, than the way others see our work. I don't know Robin, looking back at the beginning of your posts, they are as lovely as they are now! My all time favorite of yours I'd have to say is the one of the little blonde girl in the green dress sleeping and the one of the 2 girls (one your daughter) looking out the window. Keep up the great work!

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