Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Village Jeweler

6x6 oil on panel
$100 + $12 s/h - sold

I caught this view just out of the corner of my eye (and had to back track) as we walked to dinner one evening in the Village. The dark store interior and the window reflections made a neat composition.
We had stopped at a wine store on the way too and I loved this window display (below). I am a fan of the color pink - though not of rose' wine. There are such beautiful and interesting little shops in the Village. I am working on a series apparently because I am starting a larger painting of a book shop now.


danadpatterson said...

Aren't fleeting, irresistable images amazing? I like your comment about thinking you must be doing a series. Art inspirations are like that. We seem to just be conduits for something else going on, compelling us in unanticipated directions. Your work is lyrical, to me. Fresh and loose and fun.

LSaeta said...

A series? Yeah ... can't wait to see them all. I love this one ... especially the chandelier lights inside the store.

Sherrie Russ Levine said...

Love the blue in this piece!

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