Thursday, July 23, 2009

Over the Fence

I have no idea how the color will appear on these. I scanned them onto my parents computer (and have to clean the white paint off it now. Even my quick-dry white won't dry. I guess its the humidity!)
Anyway - these little sketches are of the house behind the fence at my folks'. Its newly built but in an old farmhouse style. The first one was most complete but never thought I quite got the values correct. The white house, reflecting a lot of green and blues, was deceptive. Until I really squinted, I could not get the sky and house the correct values. I then did a "thumbnail" painting of just those values with no details. I think it is closer to reality. But maybe if I'd done it in grays, I would have gotten even more accurate.
We are having such a nice time - its so nice to NOT have to do anything. This is my one break each year.


LSaeta said...

One break every year? Are you crazy? You need to take more time off and relax!
I think your "scanning job" looks great here. Good luck getting the paint off though!

Marian Fortunati said...


Kate said...

I love these - full of verve, great colors, great little compositions. You got it going ON, hot mama!

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