Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Moses Botkin Monthly Challenge

Self Portraits! Whose idea was this? Ugh! I started well enough, but soon grew to hate the sight of myself! I seriously dislike looking at myself this long. I painted one, screwed it up, wiped it off and started again. I always look mean in self portraits. I think that happens though to most artists because we are concentrating hard! I also realized it was very hard to squint and paint yourself. Squinting, we all know, helps painters mass in things and not get belabored by details.

At any rate, I did it. And here it is along with the images the rest of the challenge group created this month! I like theirs MUCH better!

Self-Portrait Loathing
12x12 - oil on panel (for the time-being)
c 2009 Robin Cheers

Me ala Schmid
10x8 - oil on canvas

c 2009 Vicki Ross

Making Up My Own Story
24x20 - oil on canvas
c 2009 Marie Fox

Self Portrait
6x6 - 0il on board
c 2009 Michael Naples

Make Me Beautiful, Rembrandt!
6x8 - oil on panel

Self Portrait with Steve's Shirt
11x14 - oil on canvas
c 2009 Silvina Day

Self Portrait
8x10 - pastel
c 2009 Mike Beeman


LSaeta said...

Your paintnig is awesome! I am not sure why you don't like it. Although you could have just painted yourself in a bikini like the other one ... hah!

vickiandrandyrossart said...

Robin, what with your description of dealing health issues it is a wonder you had time for 2 portraits! I have friends ask why I never smile in my SPs. If they watched us try to paint one they'd understand.

One of my first ones I painted with the squint! It was a horror! The next funny thing is to try and take a good source photo in the mirror. Almost impossible! But does help with measurements (not much else).

Anthony Duce said...

I don't know if the painting looks like you, but it has a very nice quality to it, shows a lot of expression and depth.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

What fun! The portraits are all great, it is fun to see all the styles. It is so hard for WOMEN to look in the mirror and paint themselves, we are busy saying, nose too long, eyes too droopy, etc and the men are busy saying, what a clever guy I am, look what a good job I am doing!

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