Monday, October 06, 2008

Good Conversation

I've really enjoyed the comments and suggested reading material, etc. on this topic. I thought more about Ken's work and I think I always assumed his "red" side of the street in his paintings was the sunny side, not the shadow side. I painted a city scene on Friday following his examples, but it looks like cheap knock off. And I do not want to copy his style at all. But I really admire it. I also tried to get a lot of paint on the panel... I wanted to try that luscious brushwork. But what a mess I made! I think I am still on the side of "light changes given time, place, source".
This is a good example of why I don't teach, for those who have asked. I still have too many questions myself and paint best when I don't do too much questioning. And I can't really verbalize what I am doing.

No art yet again today because spiritually I am in the dumps. I am still dealing with dog health issues. Macy has had two surgeries in the last month and this weekend appeared to be going blind. We saw the vet this morning and he sees nothing physically wrong. So I'm waiting to hear on test results and then see if we need to see a neurologist. She is bumping into things and clearly can't see me.

This is a painting I did of her earlier in the year as she kept me company in my studio.


n warner said...

I always read your blog with interest and glad your NYC ventures went (are going?) well. While not
a painter, I do get the 'can't verbalize' bit on how to explain visual choices. It is so internalized and as you say, riddled with questions. And I am very sorry 'bout your dog, Macy. Sad to see them deteriorate.
Hang in there.


Pattie Wall said...

When I read about your dog, I thought of how fragile our time is with our furry friends. I have three, and they are my life. When they are down, it affects your every day, don't you think? Hope the tests show something positive to be done. BTW - I love this painting!

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