Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Salmagundi Parlor - 30 Minute Study

10x8 oil on paper
$50 + s/h
Purchase this study

This is the front parlor of the historic Salmagundi Art Club in NYC. I wanted to capture that cool light coming in from the front windows which would be on the right. The building is really wonderful both in architecture and art. The walls are hung with the art of early club members. We were very lucky to have had the space available for our workshop.

For some reason I am in the mood for those rainy days we had in the city. I think I will go paint another scene from the club.


Fongwei said...

Hi Robin, you did a lot in 30 minutes!

Olha Pryymak said...

this one is amaizng as well. Btw, can't seem to subscribe to your feed. Has it been down by chance maybe?

Dar Presto said...

So restful and elegant, I love how you offer so much information, but suggest it simply.
Can I ask, what kind of paper is this? Thanks.

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