Sunday, October 19, 2008


Now I've learned that my blog can send an email to my google group when I post so I am testing that. Thank you to Takeyce for the help. This community is so wonderful.

News from Austin: Weather is great. Kid is sick. Dog is bumping around the house. Aquarium is cloudy. I'm exhausted but looking forward to a visit to DC later in the week.


Mark Bridges said...

The rss feed tells my reader when anyone posts a new post. But not if they "add to" a older post later

Robin Cheers said...

I have no idea what an rss feed is. I think feedburner was way more complicated than I needed. I hope I didn't mess anything up for rss feeds. If I need them.
I'm just happy to have a decent looking subscription form working on my site again. And knowing the delivery method works well (via email)
I used to be a web designer 8 years ago... the technology has since left me in the dust.

Takeyce said...

You're most welcome, Robin!

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