Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Color of Light

As an addendum of sorts to my question in the post below on the color of light... is it constant? is it cool/blue? is it warm/yellow? does it vary from morning to afternoon? Is it dependent on the subject being lit?... I looked out my window and saw this white blanket I had out drying in the sun. I thought I'd isolate the colors in Photoshop to see where they fell on the spectrum.

The far right is pure white. The lightest light from my blanket is the second on the right. So its falling in a blue/gray or blue lavender I'd say. Now we can argue that the camera messed up or something like that.
But I'd say the brightest light on the blanket is fairly cool even with the direct, extremely hot Texas sun still shining on it.
(Its still summer here and I'm tired of it, can you tell?)


Brian Kliewer said...

Hi Robin,

Perhaps it's all "subjective." Or at least, not as cut and drid as we might think. Why do I say this? Because I have noticed an interesting thing when I look at snow or an overcast sky in the winter. Each eye sees light differently. If I close one eye, the sky appears to be slightly redder than when viewed with the other.

Now have you also noticed how, when looking at shadows when your face is in full sunlight, how "red" they appear? If I block the sun from my face then they are much bluer. Perhaps not relevant to ypur original question but an obseravtion of how the sun changes perception when it hits the eyeball.

Mark Bridges said...

Tomorrow take a large white sheet of paper and place it in the full Sun in the morning, warm light.. Then place an orange and a grapefruit on the paper. Keep a separation between the shadows. Now go get your gray card with a hole punched in it and view each cast shadow. Get right up close. No photoshop needed.

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