Friday, October 22, 2010

East Enders

12x16 oil on panel

Gallery info to come.

Here is my finished product from the demos below. Frankly, I am not sure I am thrilled by it. Maybe the figures turned out too small and don't draw the eye. And its a soft light illuminating the scene - something I always have trouble with. I like the puddle in the foreground the best!

Loading my stuff up to go to Houston for a wedding reception painting event this weekend. Been a busy fall for those!


Janice said...

Robin, My fave. part about the painting is the posts and the impression of the cars! As always, I love your work!! Have a great time, can hardly wait to see what you painted*

Virginia Floyd said...

Aren't we funny? Those voices in our heads tell us it's not good enough.

What I see is a very interesting painting. The left side is shaded and muted and the right side is filled with light and sunshine. The bright facade and awning of the building draw my eye right to the figures walking on the sidewalk. I like it!

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