Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Technology Gap

Now where is the slide show? -->
I swear, sometimes technology is just a waste of time.

Speaking of technology though, and time management; I thought I'd talk about my recent decision to drop off the Daily Painters Gallery.

It was a hard decision to choose not to appear on there any longer. I hadn't been posting small works specific for that audience in awhile and the volume of mail I would get about the works that were appearing was really time consuming. I also felt it perhaps wasn't fair for me to stay and not post regularly, when others could use that space to better advantage. I paint daily, pretty much, but not always something small for the DPG. I can spend about as much time painting a tiny painting as a larger one (remember, I don't paint LARGE) and I won't post something that I'm not completely proud of.

It is owing to my participation in that gallery that I have all you fans and followers. I hate to give that audience up. But I hope that my blog will continue to inspire, if not generate direct sales. I will continue to focus on works for galleries, but also post affordable small pieces, studies and sketches for sale direct from the blog or ETSY. That is another outlet I hope to put more effort into. Its woefully lacking now.

So stay tuned here. I've been getting my emails sorted out, finishing framing for my group show in Vermont (opening in 11 days!) and ordering/shopping for supplies. Back to work asap!

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Carol Blackburn said...

Hi Robin,
Remember change is good, keeps one from stagnating and sometimes you have to take the sword and cut out pieces of your life that are holding you down so you don't sink in the mud. I applaud you for doing so.
I do know what you mean about "technology", aghhhh! I can't get my Etsy to show on my blog so no one knows I have one. And the slide show, pffffft! It's never even appeard as much as you have. Consider yourself lucky.....LOL. Look forward to continuing to see wonderful painting from you so don't worry, this fellow artist will be back often. Now take three deep breaths and start over. Regards,

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