Thursday, July 15, 2010

About Juried Shows

I thought I'd continue with the theme...though I am late getting my Moses Botkin Challenge paintings posted!!

I used to look through the magazines for all the art contests and would send off my slides and entries and was rejected most of the time. I thought it was my work. Could have been. But it also could have been my show choices. I since have learned to pick and choose only those shows which will further my career owing to the size and location of the show, the awards juror, and the likely quality of the other work submitted.
I learned to avoid shows that were being juried by academics. No offense. And I focused on regional groups and national shows sponsored or held at galleries.

Its all part of the learning curve.

And now to this month's paintings!

1 comment:

Barb Hillier said...

I entered my first juried show last month and was rejected. The local guild was allowed to put it in anyway and it was the only painting sold on opening night! Go figure. I love your work, the jurors were just looking for something else.

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