Sunday, July 04, 2010

Beach Study

Beach week is over. I am in central Florida now with a nice rain falling. We actually had rather cloudy skies and rain at the beach as well, but its ok with me. I am not into burning in the blazing sun. Though the shadows and bright sunlight would have been preferable for the artist in me. I got some good sketching, and a few oil studies in.

The painting above was a study in values. It was an overcast sort of day and looking down beach it all seemed almost misty except for the bright beach umbrellas.

My little cigar box set up on my knees. Limited palette - but tried two different blues since my mom had brought them both.

No photo editing software here. I somehow allowed a virus on my husband's laptop too when I got on Facebook last week. Oops. Hopefully he will have that taken care of before he goes back to work! My daughter and I continue our vacation this week. Lucky us!

Happy Independence Day all!!


Carol Blackburn said...

Very, very nice, Robin. I like the way you didn't use detail; I can feel the heat of the day.

Sadami said...

Dear Robin,
Thank you for sharing even your value studying and using stuff, very interesting for me. Enjoy your holiday!
Cheers,wink, wink,

Marian Fortunati said...

You totally captured a mood of a hazy day and those bright umbrellas just sing!!

Love the little cigar box. I need to do something like that for traveling with family!

Laura Wilde said...

I really love this painting. The orange and red umbrellas bring out the subtle colors in the rest of the painting and the soft blue complement. I'm always looking for feeling in paintings and this is wonderful. AND the cigar box idea is clear to me now. It's the little ledge that holds the canvas up, so thank you too :) I'm getting ready to go go camping and if I can find a cigar box it will solve my painting/traveling dilemma.

Janice said...

Love those white sands...I don't see that here in colorado!! I bought my cigar box of ebay for 5$! It is a great idea! Thanks for sharing on your vacation!! You really captured the joy and love in the painting of your mom and nephew...she must be so proud of you!!!

Laurel Daniel said...

I love seeing your beach work - beautiful impressions! Wish I could've been there with you! :) XOXO

QueenBebop said...


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