Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Studio News

First, I think what bugs me about the painting below is that its not as loose as I wanted. I was trying to go more for that blocky and gestural look in the painting I did of the pantry. But I think its maybe very hard to do with people. I think because as a representational artist its hard to paint something that everyone (including me) expects to look a certain way to be something different. So if I DON'T paint the people to look very much like individuals, then they won't look like people. I think people are hard because we are all so familiar with the proportions and the way a person carries themselves. We can flub a vase of flowers, no one really knows that the vase was or wasn't shaped that way, or the flowers can have a variety of shapes and still look correct. But if person's head is too small or arms too long, or they are off balance, then everyone can tell that and feel that its all wrong.
So, I think I wasn't able to pull off the gestures as I hoped. What I wanted was more of a feeling of motion - the hurry of the crowd. The rest should be more loose and suggestive with more detail being around the one figure on the right. She is moving more slowly, carefully. I will work on it. (try again)

I'm not sure that made any sense. My daughter, who still has a fever, has not stopped talking for the past 3 hours I think. She feels good at least.

Now for my busy schedule to share with you!
I have quite a few paintings going to various shows around the country as well as me traveling for events.

This Friday I have a wedding reception painting to paint in Houston. I'm hoping that the sickness in our house will not interefere with that! I haven't yet had to deal with that possibility.

Oct. 17 - Opening reception for the Daily Painters of Texas group show at Dutch Art Gallery in Dallas. (I will share the works going there soon - I'm still undecided!)
Oct. 17 - Live event painting during the Calvert Victorian Gala - Calvert, Texas. (costume ball!)
Oct. 23 - Opening of the American Impressionist Society show in Denver, CO. Juror - the very inspiring Quang Ho. I will have two paintings there.
Oct. 23 - Closing reception for the Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Art Club show (one painting) at the National Arts Club, NYC
Oct. 24 - Live event painting in Red Bank, NJ

I almost forgot a very special invitation I've had to exhibit at a show of contemporary women artists of the west at the Museum of Western Art in Kerrville, Texas beginning Jan 2010. I am really honored to have been selected to participate in it. Really, I am glad to be included in all these shows. There are just so many amazing artists working now that just being selected into shows is an accomplishment. (But I still hope for awards! :)

I think that is all for now. I share this here so I can sort it all out in my own mind better! Its rather too much to remember - the timing the shipping, planning the trips, getting my materials, frames, etc. Ooh, I better stop thinking about all that now. Need to think about dinner for my recovering flu victims.


DonBarnes said...

you're coming to Denver?? Sa-weet! I have several friends with work in the show, so I was planning to attend anyway. Now there's even more reason to go.

Marian Fortunati said...

Wow... I'm already out of breath and I'm not the one doing all of that!!

You are going to be (and obviously have been) one BUSY lady.

Although I can't do it myself, I'm told that if you get the lights and darks in a face right.... like on a little yearbook photo... none of the details matter... it will look like the person. Easier said than done.

Robin Cheers said...

I'm sorry Don! No I am not able to come to Denver, though I wish I could. I would love to see the show and to meet Quang Ho. If you can go, you should. And report back to me! Lol

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