Monday, September 14, 2009

Recent Live Event Paintings

Jenkins Wedding - Driskill Hotel

Agrawal Wedding - The Houstonian

I am still doing live event painting, but haven't been publicizing it. I have been debating a lot actually about continuing. Its a really neat thing to do - and so good for me as an artist. It really pushes me to see and paint fast and loose. But it is exhausting. And travel is difficult, esp. with oils.
So I've decided to just do events at locations I can drive to for now. So that means the central Texas area basically. I have not yet been able to paint quickly enough to be completely finished on site. And even if I did, the family or couple don't want to take a wet painting home with them the night of the party. So the process remains the same. I show up about 2 hours early and begin working. I paint during the party, adding people and catching important moments and chatting with all the guests who want to know why I haven't put them in the painting yet.
Then I bring the painting home to finalize it, let it dry and varnish it to deliver later.
FYI - I currently charge $1500 + travel (and tax) for a 20x30 or 22x28. I think those sizes work the best but I can do other sizes. I ask for 50% deposit to save the date. Its fully refundable should plans change - minus any hotel charges/fees. I'm honing my skills each time I do this and hope to finish a painting during an event sometime. Then maybe I can work bigger or travel farther.
Upcoming this fall - painting during the Victorian Gala in Calvert Texas. Its a fully costumed ball and should be really fun.
Besides that, my paintings will be showing in several juried exhibits around the country. But more on that later.
Tomorrow - the monthly challenge group painting!

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