Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Castle Gallery Reception

What a wonderful reception Thursday night at Castle Gallery.
What a warm welcome. I got to meet collectors, some fans, and some other wonderful artists. It was so neat to hear stories of how my work had inspired memories and to hear people's response to my "vignettes." I only wish I had more work to show them. Its the end of summer though and my studio is rather empty. I painted as quickly as I could for them though and took some work still wet! They will be permanently fixed in those frames.

The large surrounding landscapes are not mine but Randall Scott Harden's.

Besides the evening at the gallery, I had an invitation to meet Fred Doloresco and see his personal collection of early American masterworks. It was quite a collection! Besides that I got a glimpse of his studio as well and what fun it is for an artist to get to see how another artist works. His space was much neater than mine. Mine is shameful right now and soon I must get it set to rights before I fall and break a leg in there.

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Jen said...

Congratulations with the gallery success!

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