Friday, April 10, 2009

Skimboarders at Siesta

12x16 oil on panel

Another scene that brings me joy. The boys of summer. It will be available at Edward Montgomery Fine Art next week.

Tonight I am going to attend the opening banquet for the Salon International show at Greenhouse Gallery in San Antonio. The show opens tomorrow and hangs until May 1. Its an exceptional show, at an exceptional gallery and I'm looking forward to the evening being surrounded by art and artists. Maybe I will get to meet Daniel Greene also.


Edward Burton said...

Very beautiful, Robin. Wonderful job with the figures and the water.
I'll be down in Carmel next weekend and I'll definitely make a point of dropping by to see your paintings.

Marian Fortunati said...

Have a fabulous time... Can't wait to hear all about the "elbows you rubbed".

Love this and all of your work, by the way.

uncafediarte said...

this is great!

Claudia Finn said...

What a beautiful blog and I think your paintngs are amazing. Such ability to leave it alone, and let just enough describe your subject, and your descriptive brush is so perfect. I love your symbolic canvases using things images you find. This blog is a real find!!

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