Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Pier Surfing at Galveston

10x10 oil on panel

Hopefully this looks a little like California because that is where its going. It doesn't resemble Galveston anymore since the piers were wiped away by hurricane Ike. From what I have heard, the damage was great and the recovery slow. Keep your good thoughts going that way.

Tomorrow is the day we post our Monthly Challenge Group painting. I just finished mine but can't show you yet! It was a fun challenge which pushed me in several ways.


LSaeta said...

Since I live in California, I think I am qualified to say it is wonderful! Is it already sold or going to a gallery?
I can't wait to see your next painting for the challenge. And I hope all is well with your sweetie.

Camille LaRue Olsen said...

Looks really nice, Robin. I haven't been back to Galveston since the yuck. I can't imagine it without the piers; I guess you had a photo of them? Galveston without those piers with shell shops -- I can't even picture it. So, this is nice to see! Thanks!

John Fraissinet said...

I like this one, as always great composition and colors. They'll like it in California and everywhere.

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