Monday, April 27, 2009

Rider Approaching

12x12 oil on panel

Continuing my theme here with riders and cowboys. I wonder if one of my galleries will want any of these? Ah well... I'm enjoying myself.

I thought I'd update you about my husband's health. We did finally get a diagnosis - CIDP, though we don't know if the (C) is for sure (chronic) until it happens again. What it is is an autoimmune disease where the myelin sheath that protects your nerves are being attacked. The treatment, which he begins tomorrow, is IViG (immunoglobin) which hopefully turns off, or gets rid of the bad antibodies. Its all a bit more complicated than this, but this isn't the time/place for lengthy medical analysis. We are hopeful that the infusions will help and he will soon feel better. He has two in a row this week, and then we wait and do another session in two weeks, and so on. Thank you to all who have expressed your concerns!


LSaeta said...

You must be so relieved to finally at least have a diagnosis. Although it sounds scary it is great news that he is starting treatment soon! I am sure everything will be fine and that there is some explanation to all of this. You are in our prayers!

Debra D Russell said...

This piece is spontaneous and lively! You can feel the movement of the horse and the bounce of the rider. Once again you have astounded me with your work! Thanks for sharing.

janice warriner said...

Robin, thanks for sharing the update, I hope his recovery is quick.
You mentioned a few back you avoid cads because of the heavy metals: what do you use in their place?

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