Friday, April 17, 2009

Les Deux Gamins

12x12 oil on panel

This painting has been MIA for awhile, being repped by Debbie Wells in Georgia. The gallery I had there was sold and changed direction, but Debbie and I worked together awhile longer. And I owe her many thanks!
This and some other work came back to me last week, and today I am packaging up to ship to -- drum roll please -- Loretta Goodwin Gallery in Birmingham. Check out the gallery and you will see most of my favorite artists are represented there. I can't tell you how excited I am. Thank you all for sharing this journey with me - for all your feedback and encouragement. I hope to just create better and better art and now have some wonderful outlets to get that work to you.
While my work is on the up, there is no news on my husband's condition yet. Every time the phone rings my heart starts pounding. I hope we have an answer soon and then I can fill you in. Have a wonder-filled weekend.


LSaeta said...

Congrats again! I love the red in this painting. It screams joy! Way to go!

mike rooney studios said...

sweet gallery
i saw three of my faves (no.. four LOL) are there! kim english, maggie siner (after you told me about her stuff awhile back) and bart walker. WTG you! now dont let them outsell you, start slingin' that paint *)
my thoughts and prayers are with you and hubby. trust God for all things!its the only thing that will help you keep your sanity.
ray says hi!

Paintdancer said...

Wonderful painting! I love the way the ONE WAY sign points to the right, wanting to direct the viewers eye out of the painting, but then the red awning pulls the viewer right back in! Very clever.

Hope your husband gets well soon.

Laurel Daniel said...

ROBIN!!!!!!!!!!! WOW for you! This is so exciting - you are just doing it! Well done, well deserved!

kamuranozdemir said...


Anonymous said...

wonderful energy in this one Robin. Good feeling. r.

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