Thursday, June 27, 2013

Travel Palette

I found this little wooden box and art kit at hobby lobby and thought it would make a nice small travel palette. 
It's about 8x10 and only an inch or so tall. I find that I don't want or need a large  elaborate set up to paint on location. 

I removed the watercolor and plastic palette and brushes that came attached to the box with what i thought was more than enough glue. 

And had to work a little to remove that adhesive. Actually, my oms worked pretty well. 

Then I used some of the sludge from my jars where I let my old oms settle to sort of prime the new palette. 

Voila! A handy palette to carry in a small bag with some walnut oil and a few brushes. I can hold a panel in my hand while I paint. No need for a panel holder and its certainly much more subtle and convenient for working in a coffee shop, for example.

Thanks to V....Vaughan for the inspiration. Her father in law made her some similar palettes which I have long envied. 

Some folks are offering similar designs to hers now too I see. But this was a really affordable solution. $20 for the art kit and maybe I will put those watercolors to use one day too.


Sergio DS said...

Very good idea, I´ll copy.
Thank you.

Have a nice weekend.

Carol Schiff Studio said...

I have found wooded cigar boxes work well also, although they are probably a little smaller.

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