Friday, June 28, 2013

New Orleans

Summer in New Orleans - whew! I can handle hot, but not this humidity. NOLA is a really neat mix and we have a little something for everyone on this family trip.  We've been in the bayou and visited the aquarium and insectarium and done a lot of walking and sight-seeing. 


V....Vaughan is also in town. Honestly, we planned these trips with no knowledge that the other was coming at the same time!

We should be able to meet up tomorrow after my family and I trek the zoo and the garden district - and I want to visit one of the cemeteries. 

V and I are exploring some ideas about artwork/show collaboration based on our travels. And I wouldn't mind exploring the idea of us teaching a joint workshop here (not in the summer). Between the two of us we'd cover landscapes, city and figurative work in one workshop. It's an idea. I have a lot of those. What I don't have is time and energy. 

It's this heat - and heavy Cajun food. 


Studio at the Farm said...

Humidity or not, I envy you being there, with all those old buildings and artifacts. Look froward to seeing paintings of this trip!

Victoria said...

This is cool!

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