Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Hours

What to share? What to talk about? Well, I am painting some. Trying to work a little larger mostly. So those take more time. Its nice to live with things a little while too so I can be sure they are right before sending them out. 

We're enjoying our summer vacation. But its not all play - well - with painting it really is (or should be).
I've teamed up with V....Vaughan to lead some sketching workshops on Saturdays in June. If you are nearby do come and join us. We can talk about and teach what YOU like about sketching for painting purposes. Either  making preliminary paint sketches or value studies or mapping out your composition. You can work out many things with sketches before starting on your canvas.

Join us at Joel's Coffee House in Austin. We get amped up on delicious gourmet chocolates, excellent coffees and teas or frozen drinks first and then work for a few hours.
On Saturday, June 15 and June 22 we'll do it again! You can join us with your sketch supplies, or USE OURS! We will each do a short demo. Cost is $20
On its way to Carmel this week is this fun painting featuring a rather stern man painted by Cezanne - "Antoine Dominique Sauveur Aubert, The Artist's Uncle, as a monk" 1866 (from The Met)
18x20 oil on linen

Ask Edward Montgomery Fine Art about this painting.

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