Saturday, June 15, 2013

Round Robin

Today we met for sketching and painting with a small group at Joel's Coffee shop in north Austin. We each worked on our own things for a bit and then decided to paint birds to help support V....Vaughan's wonderful Birdseed Project

V's mother is in an assisted living facility and V has discovered how much joy birdwatching brings to the residents and guests of such places. She has begun an amazing project to help buy birdseed and feeders to attract the birds to nurture nature and people. I know from sitting in my own backyard how much fun the little birds can be. What a blessing they would be to those who are more or less "homebound."

Please consider making a contribution to the Birdseed Project. Your tax deductible gift provides feeders and seed, and maybe a NEW BIRDSEED PROJECT to a home near you! Click to donate to
Threefold Cord Ministries. Mention Birdseed Project on the ENVELOPE.
Below are paintings my mother and I did today!  I couldn't resist the lovely fat Robin and wanted to try to abstract him a little into the background. My mom hasn't worked in oils in ages, but seemed to get the knack back in a short time with her little sparrow. To make a purchase, and therefore contribute birdseed to V's project, email me!

Round Robin
8x8 oil on panel
artist: Robin Cheers

Spare Sparrow
8x8 oil on panel
artists: Opal Cheers


martinealison said...

Une très belle initiative... Il est vrai que les personnes âgées sont immensément heureuses de côtoyer les oiseaux et autres animaux...
Deux très jolies peintures.
Gros bisous à vous et bonne fête à tous les papas.

Katherine Thomas said...

That sounds like a really worthwhile project for everybody involved. What a wonderful difference you're making in the world, with your beautiful artwork and with your kindness toward others.

Studio at the Farm said...

Beautiful post, Robin. I loved seeing your mom's work, too.
The birsd truly are wonderful. I always look forward to having the barn swallows move back into the barn in May. They are so joyful.

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