Monday, February 21, 2011

Studio News

First, let me tell you that I am swamped lately - going a little crazy with Destination Imagination (tournament this Sat.!) and GS cookie sales (ends Sunday!) not to mention getting work ready for a show at Russell Collection in Austin. (some I'm really proud of so far!)

When February is over, so are all my volunteer duties and can get back to work in earnest and actually focus a little bit on it. So, if you've written me, or commented, or asked for a painting, and I am "ignoring" you... please believe that I am just way over my head right now and I WILL respond (just not in a timely manner!)

Onto other things now!
Awesome Austin interior designer Robin Callan of Room Fu has posted a nice little feature on my work on her blog. I can't wait to share the new work for the Best of Texas show! But there is still more to do and I will wait until the week of the show I think.

1 comment:

Last Cup Of Coffee said...

how wonderful! also i loved the article. you are one of my favorite artists!

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