Thursday, November 05, 2009

Standing Room Only

8x10 oil on panel

These two were tied outside at the Bertram rodeo last spring. They were shifting about, swishing tails, impatiently waiting to get to do their stuff. Most of what I watched was team cutting (calves from a herd.) It was pretty fun to watch. It seemed like a great family event - small and local. I'll have to keep my ears open for another event to go to.


Kathleen said...

After my girls were born I had to stop rodeoing but I did not stop going to round up club events, I just took them with me. At one time Team Penning became popular. When I read your blog email today you took me back to many good times. It is a fun event that the horse or mule knows more than the rider - you just need to know how to sit and pay attention. In fact I learned to pen by riding a mule that would put her ears back every time I gave her a lead that she did not agree with when we were penning. If we were not in the arena with cows she would do what ever I ask but let that gate close and she was all about it not me. She usually won. You can see the schedule of Texas events at
Thank you, K

loriq said...

I love these horses! They are so natural and the way you blended in the white horses back legs is perfect!
Also love your painting that was selected on Ray Mar Art's contest for October! Way to go!!

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