Thursday, February 12, 2009

A Page from my Sketchbook

I went downtown this morning to paint with Plein Air Austin again. Rather than painting, I opted to sketch. I had a great view south on Congress and got much of the street going when a thoughtful model came and filled the perfect seat there to give my drawing some life... and a focal point. Dead center.... but it works for this. There was a friend with him who will perfectly balance out the left corner when I make this an oil painting.
I have only recently begun to take this sketching seriously. I have always loved to draw, but now am using it more and more to prepare for finished paintings. While I focus on a scene from life, I am developing the oil painting in my head. This scene is not nearly so interesting in a photo, but because I studied the light, the shadows, the sihouettes against the light, and the drawing, the painting will be so much more interesting. I've solved a lot of problems already. And a sketch like this will only help me retain that gestural quality I like to get in my finished paintings. Something that is a real challenge with buildings! Stay tuned to see how I do!


Sarah J said...

nice sketch
once the painting is complete
do you ever sell the sketch?

Marian Fortunati said...

I have been trying and trying to discipline myself into drawing and sketching more, but seem not to do it except when preparing for a painting... NOT out when I should be observing and enjoying the sketching routine.
I often find that people become uncomfortable when I try to sketch them too... which makes me uncomfortable... or they move.

But you've inspired me... I will keep trying!

(If I could create something lovely like this it might help!!)

Robin Cheers said...

Hi Sarah
I do not sell these kinds of sketches. This is from my sketchbook. I sometimes sell painted oil sketches which I do to warm up for larger works. I put those on Etsy when I have them.

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