Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A Page from my Sketchbook

pen & watercolor wash

I sat in a coffee shop window downtown yesterday and sketched the opposite corner. This intersection reminds me of San Francisco with the hill and the low buildings with some nice architectural features. None of which I accurately captured. I really got excited about the people at the bus stop but the buses kept pulling up and blocking my view. I want to go back and do more studies of the people waiting. Their gestures were all so interesting. I love to observe people.


LSaeta said...

Not only do you "love to observe people" but you sketch them wonderfully! I love this little sketch - very fun!

Anita said...

This is a super sketch - I really like the distance between the people and the other side of the street. Wonderful spatial image. don't you just hate it when things get in the way of your sketch?

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