Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monthly Challenge Group

Below are paintings from a new challenge group, organized by Diana Moses Botkin. One of the group chose a subject and we were all to paint our interpretation. We did not share our results until this weekend. Today we are unveiling our first project. Its so fun to see what everyone created based on one of the most loved children's toys!

Anna at Play
6x6 oil on panel, Robin Cheers

Le'go my Sake
12x6 oil on panel,
(c)2009 Vicki Ross

Snow! Why'd it Have to be Snow?!
3.5x 5 oil (c)2009 Diana Moses Botkin

With apologies to Indiana, I thought the little guy's smirk was perfect for this snow job.

The Line Up
Michael Naples

Toy Knight Turns Artist
5 x 9 watercolor on cold pressed paper
(c)2009 Dianne Mize

"With this little knight's whole-hearted permission, we traded in his sword for a paintbrush."

Call Me Plastic Figure One More Time
(c)2009 Silvina Day

Soldier Boy, Please Don't Go!
8x10 oil on canvasboard
(c)2009 Marie Fox

(c)2009 Mike Beeman


LSaeta said...

Your painting is amazing. You took a theme, which most painted, of course the toy, and created a "story" by adding Anna. The light on her shirt and face is absolutely perfect. Beautiful painting!

Anonymous said...

when i saw those little plastic men i recognised them immediately but from memories of my own children playing with them. r.

Laurel Daniel said...

These are fun, and I especially love seeing Anna - you really caught that focused intensity that kids have.

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