Tuesday, August 21, 2007

New York City

I am back from the Big Apple. It was so much fun and the workshop with Ken MacIndoe was really very good. Phil Levine was the planner - and he had everything very well organized and great locations. He suggested our hotel too and it was in a perfect spot - we could walk to most of the best spots in Midtown and had a plethora of great restaurant choices right on our block.

I will be able to work on images from New York for a long time to come. I am really inspired. The city was awesome too and I have to say one of the friendliest cities I've visited.

I am exhausted however. No painting probably for a couple days as I get myself, the house and my daughter back in order! And we have guests coming next week. But I will post my paintings from the workshop - just remember they are "sketches" and are "unfinished" and got smeared as well in some cases. Hauling multiple wet paintings back to the hotel was not easy.

Here is my first painting in progress - we were in Central Park at the Bethesda Fountain. This is a view of the arches and walkway below. A guitarist and violinist entertained while we painted.

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