Sunday, August 26, 2007

A Day in the West Village

An overcast day on Sunday in another area of the West Village. The Village Cigar Shop is supposedly a famous spot which has been painted frequently. Whether I did it justice on this 5x7 is unclear.
From the same position on my busy corner I painted the following two
also. I figured I'd post them all at once. All were very small and definitely studies.

After these, I took a break for lunch for the first time (I get too absorbed in painting and can't stop), ate in a lovely little French bistro called Les Deux Gamins (can't wait to paint scenes of it) and then went shopping finally for souvenirs! I wandered up to Bleeker Street and found just what I wanted. After lunch break we met back at a park and had a review of our is a link to Phil Levine's scrapbook of the weekend.

So this wraps up my paintings on location in wonderful New York City. I understand Phil has booked Ken Auster to teach another weekend next year. I will be signing up for sure.


Mary Richmond said...

wonderful little studies/paintings and wonderful little reminder of how wonderful nyc is!

Irma Pacheco said...

Thank you for sharing your works. My husband and I have both really enjoyed them and are really impressed by your talent. Please keep on with the enthusiasm-the results are fantastic.

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