Tuesday, August 14, 2007


20x20 oil on linen

I've had no little paintings for awhile and I am sorry for that. But what I've been doing this week, and am very glad to have done it, is finishing some paintings that have lingere
d. Something just didn't look or feel right and after letting them sit awhile, I saw what needed to be changed. It feels good.
Now I can leave for my NYC workshop with a clean studio, several new gallery works and be ready for a fresh start when I come back. I hope to get to those small works regularly again in Sept.


Anonymous said...

MORE good work, m

ckayser said...

Did you work from a photograph here? Not that you can tell. I love cafe scenes and want to paint more of them. But I would probably need to work from photos. Just wondering...


Robin Cheers said...

Hi Claire -
I did work from a photograph. I usually work from photos but do sketches on site and still do some figure sessions and other plein air work to keep me thinking and responding to "life". I like to catch just the right pose with figures, and by taking lots of photos I can get the mood just right.

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