Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Driskill Wedding

20x30 oil on canvas

The final product. I am very pleased. As is the mother of the bride. The happy couple of course are honeymooning and have not seen it. I hope that they will like it. If I can get the frame soon, I could almost deliver it to them when I go to NY for my workshop in a couple of weeks.


C. Ousley said...

Excellent. They are going to love it and show it off.

Sally said...

What an accomplishment - it's beautiful! Not sure if you got my note about Robert Beck - an artist in NJ - but you should check him out. Your work is very much like his. He is one of my favorites!

Robin Cheers said...

I think I have seen Robert Beck's paintings before - and I do love them. Thank you for comparing my work favorably to his. I think he is very accomplished and I love his work.
Looking forward to doing more of these kinds of events!

Candy Barr said...

Really exciting result Robin.. and being dressed up doing it! Must have been wild experience. Peter Miller in Westford VT likes doing action plein air with people, but this event takes the cake! Fantastic painting.

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