Friday, November 29, 2013


7x5 water soluble graphite portrait sketch
Commission - nfs

Happy post Thanksgiving! What a perfectly lovely afternoon we had at Joel's on Wednesday. I got to paint and sketch a perfectly lovely young lady for a friend's Christmas gift. 

I think I made my model look a little older, unfortunately. But hopefully she will grow into her portrait! Lol

I started a second sketch using casein. But the eyes are all wrong. My limited palette of casein is an issue. As is my inexperience with the medium. I will finish this at home  either with oil or casein. 

Now - I don't want to ignore the fact that this is the biggest shopping weekend of the year (though I almost feel ashamed for us at all the desperate commercialization I'm seeing.) But truly in the spirit of expressing my gratitude to my friends and fans, I have a special discount for my email/newsletter subscribers only! Sign up today - in the right column and I will send you codes for 25% off and/or $100 off purchases over $500. My shop on ETSY is filling up with my studio inventory finally. Help me make space (literally and creatively) for new work!

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