Monday, November 04, 2013

Jenny and Jill Sketch

A page from my sketchbook

When I've had a few minutes to sit down lately - in between errands, chores, volunteering, dog vetting, party hostessing, decorating and undecorating, etc. - I've been sketching. Mostly with the water soluble charcoal. But after awhile, I felt that I had no finesse with it so I switched to a mechanical pencil. It may have something to do with my paper in my sketchbook as well. This is rougher than my last book... and I prefer smooth... just like my painting surfaces.

I was working from photos on the laptop this evening when I found these mules and liked their faces. I painted them awhile ago and the painting is still available at Castle Gallery.

Here is an image of the painting and the gallery's mobile site from my handy iPhone

All this work in grays has me craving color. I cannot allow so much other stuff (the computer/email especially!) get in the way of painting the rest of this week!

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