Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Riding the Glory Train

14x11 oil on linen

Now I don't know if the subway in NYC might be a train bound for glory, but this man who sat with his prayer rope while he rode certainly put me in mind of greater things. I wanted to paint some kind tribute to all those who carried on after the events of 9/11. The losses were dreadful, as are the material losses right now in my home state, but the way people respond and recover from such tragedies is remarkable. Its the spirit to move on, to help, to rebuild and resurrect that moves me.

My title references any number of familiar gospel/folk songs. Here are some of the lyrics from one Randy Newman did, "Glory Train" -

I see some hard times coming
Fire and wind and rain
Billions of people, all scared of each other
Hearts full of envy and anger and pain

There on the edge of darkness
People come together again
Standing on the platform
Waiting for the glory train
Get on the glory train
Get on the glory train
They'll be standing on the platform
Waiting for the glory train

Lift up your head and stand tall
Let faith be your only guide
With all that love inside you
Salvation cannot be denied
Just when the storm is breaking
Just when no hope remains
Rollin' into the station
Here comes the glory train


Studio at the Farm said...

Robin, you keep getting better and better. This is magnificent. My eyes just could not get enough of it! And the sentiment ... you said it all. Brilliant post, Robin.

JMahorney said...

What a beauty! The the cooler nuetral background let's the warmth of his skin really shine. Looks like he's counting his worry beads with his hands. Love this!

carolyn cobb art said...

robin, lot of power in this painting.

echo brilliant!

suzanneberry said...

absolutely outstanding! brilliant painting and a wonderful thought provoking post! just beautiful!!

Trudy R. Gomez said...

I love the way you capture the light in your paintings. This one is so moving as are your comments. Beautiful!

jen said...

everything about that painting is beautiful.

Claire Kayser said...

LOVE THIS, Robin!!! Just an outstanding piece and portrayal. Wonderful brushwork and textures. Cheers!

Bruce Sherman said...

Hi Robin!... I missed this post somehow... and I wanted to comment upon its eloquence... and its deep personal connection for "Me"!

"We" as artists... in offering our paintings of Passion....Joy and Hope... are by our peaceful and encouraging examples... "conductors" of a kind on... the "Glory Train."

Thank you for regularly sharing your gift and words of encouragement and hope through your paintings and blog.

Good Painting!
Warmest regards,

Elizabeth Blaylock said...

CONGRADULATIONS on this painting being in the finalist for the Raymar Competition!!! Well deserved.

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