Thursday, September 08, 2011

Double Latte

20x16 oil on linen

I really enjoyed this painting. I needed to focus on something other than the news. And this gave me ample opportunity to lose myself in lots of shapes. Something like this could be overwhelmingly confusing. Its really just a matter of ignoring objects and seeing just color. I painted the color/value in the right places and it turned out to describe a pitcher, or an espresso machine. It helped a great deal that I kept the colors similar and well matched.

Its hard to describe, and I have no idea if others do this or not, but I tend to start with one color mix and then continue to work that morphing new color shades and values in and around that original mix as it spreads across my palette. Each color I place has some of the original DNA.

Now, if I apply this to a city scene.... it could look like a patchwork quilt. I think there one has to ignore some of wide variety of broken color you see and focus on values. Learning to edit is the key there.

(Its been a long day, forgive me if I sound like I have no idea what I am talking about.)

Speaking of news, we're still battling wildfires in central Texas and just staggering numbers of families have lost their homes. This while friends out east are heading for higher ground from the monsoons. I could be wishful for more balance in life. My thoughts continue to be for all those suffering.


Kate Merriman said...

This is fanTAStic!! I love all the colors - and how you captured so much detail while keeping the whole composition "flow-y" and lovely.

suzanneberry said...

robin, this is a breathtaking piece of work! and your process shows that! just amazing! bravo!

strange and sad times. it's just incredible what's taking place. focusing on our work and keeping those in need in our hearts and minds are the best we can do and you've done it perfectly!

Studio at the Farm said...

Love this painting, Robin. It's such a unique subject, and the patches of orange throughout are brilliant.

Dawn Chandler said...

Gorgeous! Ditto all that the others have said about this painting.

And....from over here in fire-ravaged New Mexico, our hearts are breaking for Texas. Finally we've been getting some rain the past few weeks; trying to push it over your way.

Victor Errington said...

Another brilliant painting Robin. I have tried just going for colour and tone only, but it doesn`t seem to work for me. But I do believe in that
way of painting. All the best.

Stephen Parker said...

Very nice, Robin. I think focusing on value and modifying the color as necessary throughout the process make perfect sense. In regard to color, I think modifying it in the way you describe does maintain a thread of the original DNA, and because of this, a harmony within the colors applied comes through.

Anita Tresslar said...

Robin this is a wonderful painting. It is so complex in image
and color. Editing is very important and something I still have not conquered.

Geert-Jan said...

What a great painting.

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