Friday, June 04, 2010

Western Wear

8x10 oil on panel

Here is a companion piece I did this week to go along with a similar scene which is at Russell Collection in Austin. They had a customer who wanted 2 small paintings with horses, but no people in them. Hopefully this and my other piece will fit the bill.

This was our first week of summer vacation here. My daughter and I have had several play dates with friends and have been swimming. Its getting quite warm here in Central Texas. I haven't managed to paint much. I hope that when things settle into more of a routine I can work. I did take my french easel and palette downstairs to the kitchen so I can work in there and be more accessible to her.

This week I ordered a lot of frames to prepare for the show in Vermont at the end of July. I am trying very hard to be super organized and not wait until the last possible moment to get the work shipped. I will begin posting the paintings I've been working so hard on these last few months soon. Facebook friends have had some sneak peeks at what has been on my easel, but I didn't get around to posting images on my blog. Its been a little too quiet here. Not for much longer!


SKIZO said...


Kate said...

I just love this one!! Beautiful!

Cecelia said...

Very nice, Robin! This reminded me that, for years, I have been thinking of doing a painting of my grandfather and "the men" at branding time behind my grandparents' home in Calvert. But, my horses all come out looking like dogs! Ha ha! So, I have waited.
I want to do some paintings of some of my memory drawings, to take to our high school reunion next weekend. Also want to put some of my photos on a disk to show there, too.
Now if I can just stay awake long enough to do what I need to do! And if my CD burner, etc. will work!
Glad you are having some family fun this summer!

Kay said...

love your horse..mine look like some I did 40 odd years ago as a teen! Arrested developement of the horse drawing!

Anonymous said...

Robin...what a wonder successful! thanks for sharing

Leslie Saeta said...

I am sure they will love this painting. It's wonderful.
I wanted to email you as I am going to be in Austin for a week in July and I spent 30 minutes on your blog trying to find your email address. I can't find it!

Linda Popple said...

You do such a good job with horses. I like your colors, especially the touches of turquoise in the saddle. I think this will be perfect for your clients! Beautifully done!

bridget Hunter said...

Lovely work with great brushwork.

Mitzi Easley said...

Great job Robin... I really enjoy your color and style.

Gary Keimig said...

Well done. Very painterly but masterfully so.
Great blog.

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