Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Special Exhibit

9x12 oil on panel

Ask Studio 47 about this painting.

The Blanton is an interesting museum. Its a beautiful space. The lower floor has a couple of large galleries often dedicated to traveling shows. They change the wall color and layout for each exhibit. This time, the walls were painted a lovely, rich brown and the rooms were very dimly lit, except for the spotlights on the prints.
I got a few sketches in here - but Anna didn't want to sit down there long. The upper galleries vary, they have the large contemporary spaces, all clean and white and some smaller galleries with more classical works and neutral wall colors.

I've been getting a lot of painting done recently. Since I moved my easel downstairs, I am more part of the family and my daughter is happy to do her thing (play) while I am nearby working. I had taken a bit of a break and had that sickening "relearning" curve for a few wasted panels, and so I VOW to paint regularly from now on. Even 15 minutes is better than nothing. I find not only does the brush flow better, but so do my creative ideas. There is a logjam of images in my mind - and so, TO WORK!


Carol Blackburn said...

Lovely, Robin. I understand about the "log jam" of ideas. I actually dream about painting quite a bit and try to remember the dreams so I can recreate them. Not an easy task!

Linda Popple said...

Nice painting. I like the colors in the walls. Nice contrast to the whites.

It is hard to get back in the groove (at least, for me!) when I don't paint for a while. And you are so right that painting every day helps on so many levels. Plus there is that FUN factor to consider!! :-)

bridget Hunter said...

I like the limited colours and you have handled the paint confidently and with lively brushstrokes. Worth the struggle beforehand.

Marian Fortunati said...

Robin... I love the way she's just leaning in a bit to study this more closely!

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