Wednesday, June 09, 2010


12x9 oil on panel

When I thought about the idea of complements yesterday I decided that I didn't want to paint from a photo and be guided by "reality." I needed to change things up a bit and try to loosen up. I find that when I've had a break from painting, I have a relearning curve and it takes a couple of wasted panels to get things worked out. I have vowed to paint daily now... whether its full blown or working on something large in sections, or just a small sketch. I've relocated my painting supplies to my kitchen eating area now and can work there more easily while my daughter plays... though my light isn't as good.
Anyway - I decided to play with complements again and wanted something very warm for this scene. So I first mixed a big dark puddle of ultramarine and cad red and then began to blend (gray) with yellow ochre. I mostly stuck to those, but did add in a little sap so maybe this is a tertiary? combination. Hmm... where is my color wheel?
Oh, I also painted from a b&w image on my laptop... forcing me to be very aware of the correct values, but leaving color choices totally up to me. As long as the values are correct, the painting should read well.
I think I will like this one better framed... maybe in a nice pale gold. It will probably be included in my Vermont show pieces.

Just as a note, you should check out Margaret Dyer's blog. She is an incredible pastelist. Makes me want to work in the medium. She is in France teaching now and her posts about her trip are fascinating.


Carol Blackburn said...

Very nice, Robin. Some hard-working young ladies.

Kate said...

I love hearing your process and love the results of these last two paintings - the limited palette is working for ya!

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